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Frequently Asked Questions

What has happened at the school to adjust for Covid-19?

  • School staff worked extremely hard to purge all furniture and material from the middle of the classrooms and keep only what could be fitted around the exterior of the rooms. In addition, material that couldn’t be cleaned was removed. Furniture and material were put in storage.

  • Teachers have been working hard to get their footing and understand all the rules.

  • Every class has a breakout area where children can take a break from wearing a mask.

  • Gym equipment has been a concern as children cannot share so the school is doing research about creative gym activities and thinking about buying other equipment.

  • Portable desks/trays were purchased for use outside by kindergarten classes. Eight were bought for each kindergarten class to subsidize extra classroom seating needed for in class distancing and for use outside. An additional 50 desks will be purchased for Gr. 1-6 classrooms to use as needed.

  • School is adding iPads for younger children and keyboards so that iPads can be used as computers. Also adding 10 Apple laptops. The system-wide goal is three students to one device. Killarney is within 85% of achieving this goal. Current challenge is getting technology items due to supply chain issues.

  • Looking to purchase voice amplifiers for each teacher as it was very difficult to be heard while wearing a mask.

  • Yoga mats will be purchased for every child to use for Montessori work to replace soft mats that could not be cleaned.

  • The Killarney School Twitter account posts pictures from around the school for parents to view.

  • School staff are planning ahead to winter and what can be done when it is harder to get outside.

Are the children able to use the Montessori materials?

Teachers are very purposeful about the Montessori material they are using. Every teacher has a safe disinfecting spray and materials are sprayed at the disinfecting station, left for five minutes and can then be used again. When children work in small groups, they disinfect hands before and after using the material.

Will volunteers be required/allowed this school year?

Volunteering at Killarney will not be quite the same as in previous years.  No one is allowed inside the school if they are not required to be there.  There may be some opportunities for making materials for classrooms or outdoor events (walking field trips, Terry Fox Run, etc.).  Ideas are welcome for gym equipment or activities that can be shared/safe for student participation, or for Spirit Days that fit the guidelines as well. 

Can you provide sites for Montessori resources?

Trillium Montessori -  This is a great website for addressing Montessori in a public realm. They hold cost effective webinars.

American Montessori Society -  Tons of great resources are listed on this website.

When are fees due?

Fees are due mid-October and it is preferred that they be paid online through myCBE account.

Can families rent or borrow Montessori material from the school?

Materials are not usually lent as Montessori guides understand how to use the materials and the back story for why materials are used as they are. They also aim for children to have the best possible experiences using the materials.  Parents are always welcome to email Bonnie to learn more about materials. She loves to talk about Montessori!

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