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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did KPFS start the Annual Fundraising Campaign?

The Killarney Parent Fundraising Society (KPFS) raises money to enrich Montessori education

at Killarney School in Calgary, Alberta.

Killarney Parent Fundraising Society invests in materials and initiatives that enrich the learning environment for our children at Killarney School.  We strive to be a model example of a public Montessori school; where a community of students, parents and teachers work together to create an environment in which each child may explore & discover their world.

We invest in initiatives that:

  • Provide experiential, hands-on, learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom

  • Encourage a holistic understanding of the world

  • Build a strong sense of community in the school

  • Complement Alberta’s K-6 curriculum

  • Align with the Montessori philosophy

As of October 2012, we are a registered Canadian charity.
Registration # 888181013RR0001

In the words of Maria Montessori, we hope that the environment and experiences we provide at Killarney School will “give to each child the chance to fulfill his/her potential possibilities.”

How were the donation guidelines determined?

We determined the donation guidelines by looking at our goal amount, the number of Killarney families, and past information on donation numbers.  We recognize that some families may be comfortable with larger or smaller donation amounts.  ALL contributions are gratefully accepted and help us to reach our goal. 

Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?

Yes!  Killarney Parent Fundraising Society (KPFS) is a registered Canadian charity and will issue tax receipts for all donations.

Click here to learn more about tax credits.

 How are the funds spent for the benefit of our students?

KPFS works in close collaboration with the school administration to ensure your money goes where it is needed the most.  We support many aspects of the school experience that would otherwise not be funded (see chart). Examples include Artists-in-Residence, Science in Schools programs, field trips, and educational program subscriptions (math and literacy based). We also endeavor to help create a caring and supportive community at Killarney School.


Can I donate through the United Way?

Yes.  A number of companies have employee charitable giving programs, where you can automatically have deductions taken from your paycheque and allocated to the charity of your choice. Many companies use the United Way, where you can choose from a huge number of charitable organizations, in which to direct your funds.  Killarney Parent Fundraising Society (KPFS) is an eligible charity for the United Way program.

How much of my donation goes to Killarney School?

All of it!  When you donate though the Annual Fundraising Campaign 100% of your donation goes to the Killarney Parent Fundraising Society (KPFS).  The money is then invested in the school according to the principles of the society and our stated funding objectives.  

 We pride ourselves on our efficient administrative costs, which are only 3% of our total budget.

Are donation amounts confidential?

Yes.  The only person who will see your contribution amount is the KPFS Treasurer.  They may provide statistical reports on contribution totals and averages to other board members, however individual donors cannot be identified.

Can I donate online?

Yes!  This year we will be accepting online donations through GoFundMe. Click on the link below to be redirected to GoFundMe to donate today!

Can I ask friends and family to donate through GoFundMe?

Yes!  As this is the only way we fundraise for the school for the entire year, any contribution from yourself, family or friends is greatly appreciated!

How are the draw prize winners selected?

As a gesture of appreciation for your donation, KPFS solicits prize donations which are awarded through a random draw. Winners are randomly selected from all participants who submit donations before the deadlines. Once you have made your donation, please follow the instructions on our main Fundraiser web page to enter the draw.  The draw prizes are tokens of our appreciation to all donors who support Killarney School through this campaign.

Killarney’s Annual Fundraising Campaign

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